Mount Lemmon





I don’t think my pictures tell a story. My Main focus is the buildings and the soft colors surrounding them. I used line, symmetry, color, and space in every photo. In the first photo I used the lines of the building to make it symmetric in the picture. The white and the blue next to each other makes the photo pleasing. The picture of the houses is my favorite. The green next to the blueish houses is very beautiful and the grayness of the sky adds to the effect of soft colors. The use of symmetry and space in the photo of a church makes it a good photo. I wish I could change the position of the first building only because its at an awkward angle. These photos relate to my own experiences because the photo of the houses is my grandfathers house who passed away recently. I took the photo of the church while participating in The Women’s March, which is very important to me.

My Resume

5555 N. Drive Road

Tucson, AZ 85737



Meghan wiggins


  I would love to get the job and I think I would be a great asset to the team!

Skills & Abilities

  I am very good with people and outgoing. I am a very hard worker. I am available almost all the time. I am very creative and hands on. I see things from a different perspective which can benefit me in a leadership role.


  Employee, CDO Snack bar

[March – June]

For this job I worked around many people of all ages. It was a very hands on job and I had to be very outgoing since I was around people.  I was there every time they needed me to work.




Canyon del Oro

My weighted GPA is 2.90 and my unweighted GPA is 2.86 I am in Photography right now as a junior. Last year I took Digital Media and next year I plan on taking Advanced Photography.


  I am very good with communicating to other people. I have great communication skills and am very outgoing. I have worked with people in the best and it gave me no problems.


  I am a natural leader. I work very well in groups of people and would be a great person to be the leader.



Heidi tarbet

Boss, CDO Snack Bar

Phone Number: (520)401-9742

My Cover Letter


Meghan Wiggins


Tucson, AZ 85737 | (520)349-2943 |






American Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine

New York, New York


Dear Vogue:


Hello, my name is Meghan Wiggins and I am interested in working for Vogue Magazine as a portrait and landscape photographer. I am able to shoot with any camera you give me.  I have experience in Photoshop, which makes it very easy for me to edit any photos that come my way. I am a hard worker and a very creative individual. I’m kind and respectful of others so working with me will not be difficult.  My style includes simplicity and bold colors. I have a great understanding of photography and have been influenced by the fashion and creativity Vogue possesses. I would be a great asset to the team and I hope you consider me. 





Meghan Wiggins